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Privacy Policy/Terms of Service

Tanae At Lee Photography, a subsidiary of TRALALA, LLC, is a photography service that offers electronic media images for use in electronic and print images.  All images are the intellectual property of Tanae At Lee Photography. Tanae At Lee Photography, and TRALALA, LLC, reserves the right to use images in accordance with terms agreed upon between the client and Tanae At Lee Photography.  

Tanae At Lee Photography partners with SmugMug and to protect, sell, and archive images.  Images are stored in separate "albums" for each "client" and are password protected with unique passwords. Albums are file servers that allow for categorizing/filing/archiving images in protected folders that are only accessible by administrators of the folders and sites. Passwords are provided only to clients for whom the images were captured.  Tanae At Lee Photography reserves the right to restrict access to the albums and requests that clients not share the unique passwords without the express permission of Tanae At Lee Photography.

Tanae At Lee Photography does not gather your personal information.  Purchases made through a third party for images from Tanae At Lee Photography are made through agreements between the purchaser and the third party. Tanae At Lee Photography does gather your public information for use in marketing.  

Payment Terms

Payments made online through SmugMug are subject to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of SmugMug. Tanae At Lee Photography will not accept credit card payments. 

Shipping Terms


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