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Tanae At Lee Photography is a small, woman-owned business, owned by Tanae At Lee, myself.  After over 30 years of working in various industries, I finally realized that I have the skills and experience to work for myself, so I took the plunge. It's been a wonderful experience.

For the last 15+ years, I have slowly built up my digital photography skills through training, field work, and experimentation.   My first camera was a small fixed-lens digital camera, used for capturing various moments in my oldest child's life. Thus, began the obsession that has yet to wane.  As the years wore on, my photographs got better (and so did my cameras and lenses and software, oh my). In my opinion, the better photos came before the better equipment.  It was just REALLY, REALLY nice to be able to upgrade equipment.  


I continue to learn everything I can about the technical aspects of photography, while striving to maintain the integrity of my artistic side. At first, my work centered around children's events.  Then, it grew to include portraits and landscapes.  Not long after getting my business license, a friend of mine introduced me to Real Estate Photography, and I began the journey to a new obsession.


In a short time, I've learned some wonderful new skills and, of course, obtained a new lens (sigh, every photographer's economic downfall).  I hope that as I continue on this journey, I continue to learn and improve. 

A special shout-out to all of my family and friends who made this possible. I am blessed with wonderful people in my life and the faith that He made this all possible and will continue to guide me.

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